Friday, November 25, 2005

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My Life as a Teenage Robot is being cancelled.
And crap like Danny Phantom (Johnny Phantom? I don't even f*cking know) gets to keep running. Don't get me wrong, that team rocked Fairly Oddparents, but that ghost thing sucks.

At least Nickelodeon still has Avatar, and their old standby Spongebob. ... when was the last time anyone saw an Invader Zim episode/rerun?? They use him on stuff, on Nick stuff, like holiday and event clips... but they don't ever show reruns?

Oh.. oh yeah, happy thanksgiving. Spent the day playing fooseball and mini ping pong on one of those 8-in-1 game tables at my cousin's house. Woo!


pyawakit said...

OH MAN this is so cool. ugh now i gotta do some nick toon fanart.totally sucks about my life as a teenage robot. i kinda like danny phantom but avatar is the BEST-EST!

Danny said...

Cute face, chief!

Teben said...

dude I LIKE danny phantom. Also Zim gets play on the nicktoons channel all the time, just not on nick nick. DRAW AVATAR NOW, THAT ONE IS COOL.

robin said...

you are a talented HP lover

boob said...

I gotta see this Avatar... people keep mentioning it.

Teenage Robot will make a killing on DVD. Just like every other great animated show that gets cancelled: Futurama, Family Guy, Zim (though I've never seen it and really don't want too. Call me crazy...) etc.

Sorry ta geek out on ya...

Dig the pic by the way :) Nice colors.