Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Broo Dragon!

I uhh. didn't know what to do with the background so I tried to make it girly??? failure! Also, I lost 3 hrs of gameplay today when the disc stopped reading yay!


py said...

woah patootie alert!

dmcgee said...

Hey hey what's this blue dragon stuff? Is this an official jam-off?

dmcgee said...

Hey I sent an email to your boywithwings address, no dice tho?

It sed:
Hey man, I'm just listening to Around comics episode 125c and you were mentioned by the publishers of 76. They referred to you as something along the lines of a "super talented young artist" and how they're collecting a trade at some point..

Go Ed!

[.ed_] said...

hey danny, it's an xBox360 RPG designed by the DragonBall guy... Kevin is living with me at the moment and now I'm all addicted to it. DO FANART SIR!

also, thanks for the heads up! I'll listen to that podcast now. It looks to me like it's just my writer, Clay filling people with hot air about me haha.

there's also and my own livejournal ( for more of that stuff.

[.ed_] said...

oh, also yeh, it's just "ed" these days. better for the professional emails or.. something.

dmcgee said...

Right on. Hey can you fly me to LA to live with you and Dalton and we'll all be famous artists??