Monday, January 30, 2006

Nippleless Man/The Man With Non-existing Nipples

Working on a spot illo for my site redesign. The frontman of the piece was originally going to have no shirt, but after spending a week in SoCal with Ed and Kevin, I was afraid that having a topless man might further the suspicions of me being HOMOSEXUAL. But I didn't want the torso to go to waste, so here's a somewhat incomplete torso and stuff.

Oh. And my week in SoCal was awesome. Aside from Kevin making me and Ed go out for everydamned meal, I really enjoyed hanging out with my buddies and stuff.


Teben said...

pointy helmets and no nipples are IN this year.

ed said...

omg. this reminds me of FFXI. EVIL. EVIL. Optical Hat {Yes Please} @_@

pyawakit said...

YES i think you should let me try on that hat. YES

Kevin Dalton said...

so homo man.

yah need to come outta the closet lol