Thursday, January 19, 2006

w3rk 1n pr0gr3ss

It's been a crazy last couple of weeks at work... sorry for neglecting "the Peng"

Here's a bit of a WIP on a sketch i was working on a little bit ago. i just got kinda antsy and started throwing in some value quickstyle underneath it. The composition still needs a lot of work, but i'm kinda happy with the direction it's going. i need to work on the readability of it, and the drama though... ahh well. I'm looking forward to going back and cleaning up the lines, and detailing in the restaurant... never drawn one of those before. I hope to update it soon-like. Sorry it's not something cooler.



robin said...

we hate you. go away.

Love the lighting on this. Really has that film noir feel to it. I could've sworn you were going to post something colored in your next post...hmmm

ed said...

I deem this to be "properly hot". and "something cooler" is very relative. give me more of this kinda stuff any day. =P