Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Inspired-> SANDBIJJ

Seriously, I've never been so inspired in my whole life. I went to read Kevin's LJ some time ago and I found a recipe to happiness. Thank you, Kevin.

SANDBIJJ (by kevin dalton)

"square bagel bread(toasted)
deli cut turkey
2 sliced of mild cheedar cheese place to fully cover the entire bagel
sliced red bell pepppers
sliced green bell peppers
sliced onions
yellow mustard

My SANDBIJJ had no lettuce, onions, and I used a regular plain bagel. oh, and no cheese, because I'm lactose intolerant sometimes. But my goodness. Oh! And food posts are only for emergencies. And yes. This was an emergency.


Kevin Dalton said...


sometimes its haaRRDDDDDdddd to keep it reaalll woooooooyeaaahhhhh.

sandbijjjj for lifeee

drop some sandbijj's for my dead homies

Julia said...


pyawakit said...

oooooo YUMMY!??!!!

Kevin Dalton said...

stfu julia

you know you wants some!!

forlackofbetter said...

That is one delicious sounding and looking piece of amazing you had there, but I'm wondering...what is this?...The blog I mean. Seems like there's alot of different people posting stuff (which alot of is pretty darn awesome)...but is it just for you guys, or anyone?
I'm not offereing, I'm just wondering.

Again, delicious.

robin said...

It's just an art blog between some friends. We post as often as we can with some new sketches/paintings just to entertain each other and anyone else who might stumble upon this site. The sandwich is just a sandwich. Except, it's delicious.

Kevin Dalton said...

i think food should be a new addition to chepeng?

you started something robin

E said...


E said...

dagwood stylie!!