Wednesday, May 24, 2006

raw III dimensional

work, I'm really loving sculpture these days.
also here is a painting I am/was working on.


pyawakit said...

woah those are all very awesome. what are you using to modle them?

RaWIII said...

thanks pyawakit

the fish sculpture is a stonecarving, limestone I think. The other two are made of red stoneware clay.

the painting is oil

E said...

Nobody likes a show-off... be we love em tho. that painting is all kinds of amazing man. jesus fuck.

If the Corcoran wasnt going to put me in dept til after the grave Id seriously look into thier mastery program just to sponge some excess talent up off of you.

Kevin Dalton said...

so awesome man!

that painting is Mmmmmm mmm good.

need to take some pointers from you! you rock it like i wish i could.

Teben said...

That's crazy!!!!