Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Originally this was gonna be a Gears of War fanart..but then it became something else (but there's no denying that's there's still some Gears of War motifs in here). :-p I hate the design, and I'm not too big on making large characters, but what the hey! It's supposedly a good thing to mess around with your comfort zone :p Another thing about this image is that I started it without any greyscale foundation (which is what I've been starting all my images with for the past year or so). So excuse the shoddiness. I'll go back to my greyscale->color mode asap!


Ed Tadem said...

you're crazy, this is amazing, koryo foo. it has so much mass to it and the colors are f'g great

py said...

yeah i think the colors are great too! its never bad to have more than one coloring style!

Julia said...

ionno gook, i kinda like this better than greyscale to color things?!?!