Sunday, May 20, 2007

why hello there!@!!!!

haha HELLO THERE!!!!


a scribble dibble from churibble, thumb below are related to these characters.

a Look at what one of my Idea pages look like. I think robin has seen the drawings in this page fully drawn and cleaned up. storyboard thumbnails and character developement of 3 designs in this page. lower left hand me testing out how i would be doing a crane shot drawing by drawing.

and some storyboard thumbnails for animation :O??!?!

its about a group of fine young men cat calling some women when things go terribly wrong after they insult the wrong women (not whole story shown). if you can make out whats going on and my hidden egytian text your a star. the story is based on true events! but the people and places were switched :)

forgot got copic practice. top is basic colors and lower left is alittle bit of blending.


py said...

ah! kevin animation! must have now! you're the best <3!!

robin said...

n______x he returnseth!! the copics are magnificent!

Saskia said...

Here you are oo Sweet Stuff as usual :D Love that Marker drawings and your cute Character Designs :D

omegared said...

the copic pics look sweet!!...

Julia said...

omlol pretty hots <3