Tuesday, June 05, 2007

heyyy it's johnny raybook!

character development for this company that makes ipod software luls ;D;b.

hay guys what is up with san diego? am i the only one not in the know?


Anonymous said...

i got my pro reg today so im def going. gonna buy my plane ticket in a week or 2.

gonna be rooming with the asians, the indians, and the perv latino.

py said...

his hair is amazing.

dont think teben and i are going. the wedding is in less the 4 months away so all extra cash has to go there :(

[. _] said...

wish I was rich like ROBIN CHYO, of CRYPTIC STUDIOS, so that I may purchase tickets to the state of Florida and attend this glorious event.

robin said...

ed's going to the wedding. he has to. bride's maids can't back out this late in the game.

as for sdcc, whats to know? you already knew the same people from last year are coming this year. hah. you've already got a place to stay!. WTFJULIA??

Teben said...

Old School!