Sunday, June 17, 2007

vrrrr..jeeeooooooh. vrr. jeeeoooooooh

can you guess what that sound is supposed to be of? i don't even know exactly what it is :p

anyways, here's something i've been working on ever so slowly. still got a bit more to do.

i'm really trying to spend more of my freetime doing artwork, but lately all i do when i get home from work is chat, watch movies, and play games (FF12, then i have zelda:tp, then resident evil 4 wii coming in soon..). :[ the good news is that it's all helping me get back in touch with my imagination. as much as i enjoy contributing to the marvel mmo, it's really refreshing to work on something personal. i feel like i'm sort of losing touch with my imaginative-self. hopefully it's something i can recover from. i've been changing my wallpapers with more inspirational images i find online and i bought my self a Judge figure (from FF12)

in other news, i'm very very excited for SDCC. it's gonna be a great fun time. :D


Teben said...

Sounds like a robot walk!! Like ED209

dmcgee said...

Slick armour, well organic around the head!

[. _] said...

that colorscheme looks famiiilllliiiar.