Saturday, December 03, 2005

2 days

SIMULATED NUDITY WARNING - Do not click on this if you are troubled by ladybits.

Here are a bunch of tidbits from the last two days playing in my sketchbook, as I've been sitting on the couch watching the NBA and dribbling a sort of mucous of art fluid directly from my forebrain onto some clean white paper. I've been having a GOOD old time playing with form lately, and just getting back in touch with the old drawing muscles after a very sloppy six months away from it. One thing that has been especially sparky is playing with Faber Castell brush pens, which I'm surey eeeveryone has by now. Ed, you should have two.


ed said...

hah! oddly enough, I have 3, but only coz I "borrowed" a grey one from someone at A.P.E. The tips get fucked up a little too easily for me, but they're super duper nice when they're new.

great studies meng, solid, AND with great gestural linework. I don't do enough studies anymore. T_T

Danny said...

They ain't studies actually! Well, in the sense that they're not drawn from anything.

I've bought a couple of new brush markers, and I'm going to keep an old one around and use it for all dirty work to see how nice I can keep the new ones for a bit.

Alina Chau said...

VEry cooool drawings !!

Danny said...

Ta Alina! I commented over at your blog, what beautiful and lively work!!

Kevin Dalton said...

aaah man those drawings are so good.

awesome form, awesome proportions, awesome lines!