Sunday, December 11, 2005


Got my Eon boards in the mail this weekend, took a little break to try 'em out with some VIMANARAMA lovin'. Liking how the pencil flows on it so far, but the real test will be when I get around to inking this. I'm not too worried, the surface feels really good.
I usually cut my own Bristol, but I don't think I'll have the time anymore, and the irregular cuts sometimes have my prints coming out crooked. Blueline paper, by the way, sucks all kinds of proverbial ass and is probably only good for lining your floor if you own pets.
Also, on the subject of Vimanarama, I think they used some kind of scratch and sniff technology on the trade paperback. I could just be losing it though.

*edit - threw down some Grifter inks as a warmup for today's inking marathon. Also started inking a bit of the Vimanarama (just to be extra warmed up), and HOLY SWEET JESUS. Eon Boards are f*cking amazing. I mean, I knew they wouldn't suck, but... the ink's going on it like smooth silky honeybutter. <3 *swoon*


pyawakit said...

both are killer and now i totally want some eon boards!

St John Street said...

I really like the guy to the left sick shit

Archibob said...

that grifter rocks me

Teben said...

That grifter is AWESOME.

Kevin Dalton said...

i thought i commented on this..

or did i tell u on aim.

fucking grifter is fucking man.

galvo said...

ooo blueline... that board DOES suck man... i dont understand how they still in business... people just dont KNOW.

ill inks on that grifter, very energetic