Monday, December 05, 2005


been trying out this technique where i just scribble as fast i can. cooler more interesting things seem to come out. I MISSED CHEPENG, we had a fight made up, now were back making love.


robin said...

I want to cosplay as the masked coolman on the bottom right area of the third page. "b________d"

Danny said...

I'd love to see you do a fairly stark story in black and white, in a human proportion but simplified expression kind of thing like Otomo or Shirow. It'd be gold! I like it when you cartoonify the outline but you've got internal detail and realistic costumes in your art. Children in a gang, hanging out in piping factories wearing bandanas and rope belts! Pushing massive dumpster bins out into the a four lane street on a hill and surfing it down through traffic, then scattering like cockroaches with dislocated shoulders and torn knees.

I've liked all your stuff, but on a purely selfish note I'd love to see the above.

ed said...

I'll fight you, foo! Q(o.oQ)

you draw too fucking much. TOO MUCH HURT YOUR BRAIN. MAKE YOU SLOW.

Kevin Dalton said...

aahh danny haha thats exactly where i wanna go with my art!

the more darker personal stuff.

nail on the head man :) i hopefully when i attemp it for the first time i deliver.

pyawakit said...
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pyawakit said...

i do <3 these!!!