Thursday, December 08, 2005

Champagne From a Paper Cup

The boy and girl are for a story I've been working on this semester. Gotta touch them up. I am pleased with how they came out. The guy in the green background was just something I was sketching while falling asleep in class on Tuesday. :-p

Everything's work in progress. Won't have anything finished until the end of the semester (next Friday). Then I'm off into the real world, as I will finally be done with my education! Gotta redo my site, make business cards, and make some amazing pieces so that I can get a job! If any of you want to help a guy out and you know CSS please get a hold of me when you get a chance! :-)


Danny said...

I forget how amazing you are in between posts. I can't really say anything about these, it's like an American Idol contestant pointing out to Radiohead some of the great things they've done in a song.

ed said...

pretty colors on the boy and girl meng, and lurrvy paintingu

pyawakit said...

i love the colors on the boy and girl and the compustion on the last one is sexy <3

Teben said...

SUPA GOOD. I like the first girl's design a looooot.

Kevin Dalton said...

robin chyo has the power of 100 gorillaz.

only its in art form.

i love the top girl